Alsatian Flammkuchen Winner of the Amsterdam Horecava Innovation Award in 2014. Flammkuchen have been on German menus for many years. They are also well-known as Tarte Flambée.

What are Flammkuchen?
Flammkuchen are delicious - and a lot lighter than pizzas, for example. They are easily digested, thanks to the unique combination of ingredients, and the absence of yeast. By varying toppings Flammkuchen are ideal at any time of the day – for breakfast, lunch, or as a late afternoon snack, as well as for dinner.

Their unique ingredients set Flammkuchen apart from other similar products. Using a patented method the dough gets pressed under a weight of 10 tons to an ultra-thin Flammkuchen within mere seconds. The pressed bases then get cut into the desired shape, while also getting perforated to achieve the optimal result when baked. They then immediately get flash frozen to -70°C and packaged under strictly controlled conditions.

Easy and tasty

Preparing Flammkuchen is super easy. We supply the frozen bases, and also the quality cream that is used as base for the toppings.

Create your own topping with
red onion, cheese and pieces of smoked meat, like these classic Flammkuchen.

With the oven heated to 270 C
you can enjoy a delicious, fresh Flammkuchen in less than three minutes!

Flammkuchen Combinations

Give your imagination free reigns!

Flammkuchen are really versatile – make them savoury or sweet, top them with meat or fish, or keep them completely vegetarian. We supply you with the quality bases produced by the German company, Gusto Palatino. We produce the 50 million Flammkuchen every year that have been conquering the culinary world. Flammkuchen are supplied in a variety of shapes and type – besides the original oval shape we also make rectangular and round ones. Additionally you can order bases made with rye or spelt flour, as well as organically certified flour.

So set your imagination free and create your own top-selling product line!

egg, dried tomato, dille, cheese

rocket, wild tomato, roosted pepper

red union, mussels, scallops

fennel, salmon, mustard seeds

papaya, peach, pine nuts

nutella, banana, pecan nuts, mint

strawberries, mint leaves

apple, saffron, fig, almonds, apricot


Alex Klein - founder Flammkuchen.nl & .ae

Alex Klein

In 2007 Alex started his company, flammkuchen.nl, and is responsible for putting tarte flambée on the menus of cafes and restaurants in the Netherlands, Belgium, Curaçao and Portugal. With his passion for food and wine Alex has always been on the forefront of innovation in the food industry. With the style of a multi-faceted restaurateur Alex Klein’s initiatives continue to leave their mark on the restaurant scene.

In 2014 he was awarded the Horeca Innovation Award for his tarte flambée concept in Holland.

Alex is also a finalist for The Columbus Trophy 2015, an award presented to a successful young entrepreneur who is active as a supplier to the hospitality industry, or who has created an innovative hospitality concept.


taste & convince yourselves!

For any questions, inquiries or requests,
please contact us via alex@flammkuchen.ae.

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3071 MA Rotterdam, the Netherlands

T +31 (0)6 3473 7883
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Winner of Horeacava Innovation Award 2014 (AMS).
Finalist ColumbusTrophy 2015.